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    Strong magnetic magnet

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    Strong magnetic magnet

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    Strong magnetic magnet magnetic how go?

    Strong magnetic magnet have special power, and electricity, is human can't see and feel, but its influence is everywhere. We all know that Shanghai YingGui magnetic industry co., LTD. Production of strong magnetic magnet magnetic is very strong, especially large magnet, strong magnetic when using very easy to hurt people. So how strong magnetic magnet to eliminate magnetic?

    Method is simple, strong magnetic magnet are below 80 degrees of heat-resistant, as long as we put strong magnetic magnet on the fire roast a few minutes, cooling after you put it in next to the pig, it found that he has lost its magnetic, not up. Reason is the strong magnetic magnet is magnetic, because strong magnetic magnet iron atoms arranged regularly. After it is heated, the iron atoms arranged disorderly, original and therefore lose the original magnetic.

    Strong magnetic magnet access information:

    Better for magnetic, strong absorption of strong magnetic magnet, please use the left hand fixed strong magnetic magnet, right hand with your index finger and thumb, horizontal move out of the magnet, away don't throw away the magnet back immediately after the magnet in the heap, please immediately to the magnet isolation. Light to take light put, away from the iron or with magnetic things far away places (16 cm) or paper took out the paper thickness, so as to compare safety. If need to put back the whole magnet inside the magnet, please slowly back, close from the edge began to move in. Hand must hold the magnet, until the magnet has moved in.

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    Strong magnetic magnet

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