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    Rubber Magnet

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    Rubber Magnet

    Classification of the:Rubber Magnet

    Detailed information

    [Rubber magnet] Details:
    Name: Rubber Magnetic
    Coercivity: ≥859 (KA / m)
    Remanence: 1.17-1.22 (T)
    Intrinsic coercivity: ≥955 (KA / m)
    The maximum energy product: 263-287 (KJ / m3)
    Material Grade: N35
    Density: ≥7.4 (g / cm3)
    Working temperature: 80 (℃)
    Curie temperature: 310 (℃)

    [Magnet] rubber features:
    ◆ after bonding rubber magnet ferrite powder, synthetic rubber and other composite materials, by extrusion, calendering, injection molding and other processes made of a flexible, resilient and can distort the nature of the magnet. Produce into strips, roll, sheet and a variety of complex shapes. Mainly used in micro motors, refrigerator, disinfection cabinet, kitchen cabinets, toys, stationery, advertising and other industries. Operating temperature -40 / + 80 ℃
    ◆ rubber magnet good performance, low cost, simple production process, but also save a lot of precious metals, high-frequency weak areas in promising non-metallic material.

    Rubber Magnet Product details show:

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    [Rubber Magnet]
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